Santa Beach – the surfing paradise

In search of the perfect wave, many surfing enthusiasts have already visited Santa Beach, and some of them have probably taken home their most treasured surfing experience. Especially during spring and summer, Santa Beach offers a true El Dorado for all surfers. With wave heights of up to six meters, not only the most daring surfers love it, but also the hundreds of spectators on the beaches. As a result Santa Beach has now developed from an insider tip to a true surf mecca..

Surfing in Santa Beach

New Target Groups for Surfboard Manufacturers

About 5,000 surfers come to Santa Beach every year. The rapid growth of surf schools and their participants shows that more and more people are enthusiastic about surfing. In particular women and girls would like to learn to surf and steal the waves from the men in the coming years. However, many popular surfboards are currently tailored to men’s sizes and weights only. So the needs of this growing target group are not met. But male surfers complain as well, as there is little difference in board sizes and weights. In Santa Beach’s Australian sister city Albert Bay, surfboard manufacturers are now producing and distributing customized surfboards to suit their customers’ needs. Maybe this would be an idea for the surfboard producers in our city.

Perfect climatic conditions

The reason for the incomparable surfing conditions in Santa Beach is a warm, constant current coming from the south. Therefore, most days of the year there are very good waves for surfing and only a few days with calm seas. However, if the warm current, which usually carries high humidity, meets a cold front, hurricanes can form. The danger of a storm formation increases with the temperature of the water. On average, a late summer storm occurs in Beach County every 4 years. If such a storm happens, the beaches and any entry into the sea will be strictly prevented. Depending on the storm strength (gale force), the coastal roads will be evacuated, and the inhabitants will be transported inland. However, the Coast Guard is very vigilant and trained specifically for such cases, so that visitors stay out of danger. Fortunately, Santa Beach has never had to complain of injuries in recent decades due to the summer storms. However, the storms devastate large parts of Santa Beach, as they usually not only damage buildings, but also distribute debris. Most of the time, the community then organizes a joint clean-up.

Developments in Santa Beach

Technological investment and the establishment of a Business Angels network in Beach County

The municipal government in Beach County has disclosed that it wants to strongly improve the conditions for startups. It hopes to attract new small and medium-sized companies which should better utilize the existing market potential and thus give the region an economic upturn. The initiative is divided into four parts: first, the bureaucracy and the tax rate must be reduced to 40%, this has already been decided by the citizens’ council; second, the municipal government itself wants to invest more in marketing for Santa Beach as a holiday destination; third, Mayor Theodore Murray has announced that he intends to mobilize new investors by alerting them to the unused market potential of the region at exhibitions; and fourth, it will be possible to write off start-up costs over the first five years after establishing a business.

Mayor Murray has also started a network of Business Angels. This is intended to bring potential investors and young entrepreneurs together and thus further support the upturn in the Beach County region. Beach County is experiencing an economic upswing, especially in tourism. Local entrepreneurs see a positive signal in these investments, however, it is unclear when they can expect improvements. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop.