Improve your website: Creativity Labs

Creative solutions to digital problems!

For over a decade, we have been helping companies achieve high targets in the digital sector. We usually maintain long-term relationships with our clients and share your goal of pointing out your unique selling points to each customer!
We will gladly help you bring your website up to date and offer support with the improvement of features, content and usability. We will also develop an integrated concept with you jointly and will not only improve the appearance but also the technical features of your website! Our understanding of the bigger picture helps to find the best possible solution for your project.

Our name, “Creative Labs”, already indicates our mission: We want to find creative solutions to digital problems and be an innovative laboratory that makes pioneering developments and uses them for the benefit of its clients! We think ahead and accurately coordinate analysis, development, design and online marketing. We collaborate with a wide range of companies. Their projects are very different, but all of them are important. Thus we have learned to keep a cool head when dealing with difficult issues.

You can expect us to provide careful planning, thoughtful design, flawless programming and good quality for your website. Our goal is not the simplest solution but simply the best one.

Here are some examples of our services. We will gladly provide an individual offer tailored to your budget.

From € 13,500
Content and usability: We revise your website by concisely rewording the content and improving usability.
From € 27,500
Technology and features: In addition to the services mentioned above, this price also includes the implementation of the latest technical options and features such as customer reviews.
From € 40,500
Games and apps on the website: In addition to the services described above, this price also includes the implementation of sales promotion activities such as advertising games or links to other suitable websites. We can also develop apps for you to attract more attention to your company and improve its image.
From € 54,000

Social media campaign: In addition to our other services, we will also conduct a social network campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for you. This strongly improves your profile in the market and wins the attention of new customers.

Interested in our support for your website and digital issues? Do not hesitate to contact us:

Creativity Labs Inc.
adr: 1688 Sunset Avenue
8F4 N9B Santa Beach

Develop your advertising campaign: Marketfeel

Convincing on every level!

Marketfeel is impressive on every level! Our team consists of communication researchers, designers, photographers and film-makers, as well as software and advertising developers. We will competently implement your marketing concepts, whether you have specific ideas about advertising or just want our support in developing such a concept. You will get an ideal combination of relevant consulting and innovative implementation.
We think outside the box to find a solution to your challenges and will compile a perfectly customised marketing concept for you!

Marketfeel aims to provide comprehensive marketing and advertising services for all companies in and around Santa Beach. We offer several sales promotion options, including impressive advertising gifts with your logo, trade fair presentations and much more. We will provide you with professional support, irrespective of the type of marketing you require

A few advertising packages for your budget range you indicated are provided below:

Budget for the
six-month period
Our services
From € 30,000
Half-yearly price for placing an advertisement in the local surfer magazine, Cloudbreak. Cloudbreak is the best-known and most popular insider and tourist magazine in Santa Beach. It has a weekly issue of 20,000 copies and is read by both visitors and residents of Santa Beach.
From € 45,000
We design and print sweets and flyers with your logo. We distribute these on at least one weekend of the month at the beaches, near the beaches and in the city centre.
From € 60,000
Also includes development and distribution of T-shirts, USB sticks and power banks bearing your logo on at least one weekend of the month in addition to the services listed above.
From € 75,000
We organise a trade fair event at the CFT domestic leisure fair at Santa Beach in addition to the services listed above. This provides you with an opportunity to establish customer and company contacts. Advertising gifts are additionally distributed to raise interest.

⇒ Based on negotiation:
We will gladly develop a customised advertising campaign with you.

Market Feel Inc.
adr: 72 Sommerset Way
8F4 M5C Santa Beach