Royal Bank of Beaches

Royal Bank of Beaches
742 Evergreen Terrace
8F4 N9B Santa Beach

The Royal Bank of Beaches has been a financial services provider in Beach County for many years and stands for excellence in the financial sector.

Our financing offers: loans with more intelligent financing – and safer calculations
Companies frequently require quick and uncomplicated loans to balance liquidity to run their operations. We provide you not only with flexible, conventional overdraft options, but also with alternative instruments such as a short-term, fixed-rate loans. These can be used as an alternative or in addition to your other financing options, depending on your needs. Short-term loans and overdrafts have a term of 6 months and are both automatically repaid. If you take out a loan in one six-month period, you will automatically pay it back during the next six months. The interest is immediately due. This gives your company great flexibility to cushion the impact of short-term liquidity shortages. You can decide on the amount of loans required every six months.

Our current conditions for short-term loans and overdrafts are provided below:

Interest rates on various loans
per six-month period
Short-term loan
5 %
Overdraft loan
8 %

Business Angels

Business Angels Network
1640 Riverside Drive
8F4 N9B Santa Beach

Fast-track your company with our help

We will gladly support you in compiling a business plan and will provide you with advice and practical assistance. Company founders are confronted with a variety of challenges, particularly in the beginning. You should nevertheless carefully prepare before meeting one of our Business Angels and present yourself as a serious and trustworthy business partner.

Financial support

Even brilliant business ideas usually leave the founder dependent on financial support. Entrepreneur teams can usually provide at most € 100,000 in equity, which just covers the initial investment, depending on the sector. This is where we come in, holding various networking meetings where young entrepreneurs and potential investors can meet. Our experiences show that support up to twice the equity is realistic. The investor usually receives shares in the company in return. You must agree on the amount of the shareholdings.