General information to make production plans

To survive in the market, it is important to make products that can be individualised. This particularly applies to the leisure goods industry. Most companies prepare the blanks up to the shaping production step and only apply the customer’s individual design once they receive an order. The planning cycles are usually in the range of half a year, which is one season. This means input materials and machines are planned for this period, allowing customer requests to be quickly processed. Seasonal fluctuations are to be expected, particularly for water and winter sports. When the production of blanks during a six-month period exceeds the number of orders, the blanks are put into intermediate storage. This results in storage costs of €12 per surfboard.

Managing the variety of products offered poses a problem to the production planning. Customers expect to be able to customize their surfboards individually when they buy above a certain price category. This individualisation is very important for design, final processing and enhancement of the blanks. The number of versions available partly depends on the production machines available. Depending on their type, these machines can be very flexible and can be adjusted to different designs with short tooling times. The input materials provided by the suppliers must be considered when calculating the maximum number of versions that can be produced. The composition of the material determines whether they are suitable for applying individual designs and modification requests made by the customer. These values are usually provided in the form of a variety index of the suppliers. A higher index corresponds with material or machines that can be used to produce more types of surfboards. The index is made up of the variety index of the production location and (60%) and the variety index of the supplier (40%).
Production capacity planning must consider both the capacity of the facilities available and the number of production employees. Although you can assume that your production workforce can work up to 20% more by paying them overtime, the machines are limited to their production capacity. The real estate agents at Mochelt Real Estate lead the field when it comes to the rental of new business space and production facilities in Santa Beach.
You can choose between two suppliers of input materials for leisure products in Santa Beach: Kahler Logistics and HighTech Synthetix. They offer the necessary input materials at different volume scales and prices. One input material per surfboard is required. The suppliers differ in terms of pricing and the number of surfboard variations that can be created with the material.
To prevent production downtime, an additional express delivery to the selected supplier is automatically triggered if not enough input materials have been ordered. The prices for this additional delivery usually differ from the standard prices for regular orders. If you buy more input material for production than you need (e.g. to obtain better volume scaling), the excess is stored at €10 per input material.
The materials required for production are usually automatically sourced from the appropriate suppliers using a Kanban system, so that the individual companies do not have to make direct buying decisions. The costs of operating materials in the leisure industry, e.g. to produce bicycles or surfboards, is €8 per unit.
A flat fee of €16 is currently charged for the transport of surfboards from your production site to the customer.


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My name is Max Kahler, formerly a passionate surfer, and I have focused my logistics company on the supply and storage of all input materials for surfboards. Our specialisation has provided us with plenty of insight and experience in the surfing sector and we can, therefore, offer the complete package and provide all raw materials needed to produce surfboards. Our input material packages are particularly suitable for standardised processes and the use of volume scaling. We offer a variety index of 40.

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We offer many of our services on an individual basis and can only quote you a price once we have reached agreement. The current delivery conditions for all our standard services are shown in the following table:

Number of Input Materials / Price per unit [€]
Price per input material package [€]
≤ 899
900 – 1.199
1.200 – 1.499
≥ 1.500
Costs of short-term additional delivery